Policies & Procedures

Service or Trouble Reports

To request new telephone service, move an existing telephone line, disconnect a line or to report telephone trouble, submit a support ticket to I.T. Support Services.

Telephone Bills

All departmental telephone bills are on E-Print and should be reviewed monthly for accuracy.

Long Distance Reimbursement

Official phone calls are reimbursable under "Other Expenses." Individual calls for $3.00 must be identified as to point of origin and destination. Employees who must use the State Long-Distance Network System, credit card, or cellular telephone may be reimbursed for personal long-distance calls if such calls are of an emergency nature as determined by the department.

Cellular Service

Because cellular telephone charges are based on measured use, no personal calls should be made on cellular telephones except in the case of an emergency as determined by the department.

Telephone Menu Guidelines

All telephone menu options and communications should first be listed and spoken in English.

State Telephone Policy

Use of State telephones for local personal calls should be kept to a minimum in number and duration. Any use of the State Long-Distance Network for other than official State Business (*except in approved circumstances) is a violation of the tariffs filed with the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

Call Transfer Policy

It is the policy of the Office of Information Technology Services to prohibit the use of the Call Transfer feature to connect an "outside caller" with another telephone number that is also outside the Centrex system.

Common Language

§145.12. State Language
(b) English as the Official Language of North Carolina.

English is the official language of the State of North Carolina.