Dialing Instructions

Dialing Instructions - Administrative Offices

  • Directory Assistance: Dial 9 + 411
  • International Calls (including faxes)
 dial 9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code (if applicable) + local number. (See local telephone directory for a list of country codes.)
  • Interoffice Calls: Dial the 4-digit number.
  • Local Calls
: Dial 9 + 7-digit number.
  • Long-Distance Calls: 
dial 9 + 1 + area code + 7-digit number.

    Note: Do not dial 9 + 1 to place a local call as long-distance charges may be generated.
  • Operator Assisted (collect or 3rd number calls): Dial 9 + 0.
  • Toll-Free
: Dial 9 + 1 + 8XX + 7-digit number.
  • Questions
: Dial 2078 for the Centrex Office.

Dialing Instructions - Features - Administrative Offices

  • Call Forwarding: To have all your incoming calls ring at another telephone on campus, listen for a dial tone, dial 110, dial 4-digit number, listen for a stutter dial tone, announce call forward if someone answers, hang up.
To cancel call forwarding, listen for a dial tone, dial 111, listen for a stutter dial tone, hang up.
  • Call Pickup: To answer a ringing telephone in your office from an idle telephone, listen for a dial tone, dial 116, begin conversation. 
    Note: A call pickup group must be established with all the numbers within an office prior to it working. Contact the Centrex Office for more information.
  • Three-Way Conversation (to add a third party to an existing call)
: Depress flash button (or switch hook), dial third party, depress flash button (or switch hook) to bring first party on line again, begin conversation.
  • Transferring Calls: Depress flash button (or switch hook), dial the 4-digit number, announce the transfer call, hang up.

Dialing Instructions - Residence Halls

  • Administrative Lines: Dial 9 + 7-digit number.
  • Dorm Lines: Dial the 4-digit number.
  • Local Calls: Dial 9 + 7-digit number.
  • Long-distance, directory assistance and international calls must be made with a toll-free number through a long-distance provider.
  • Operator Assisted (collect or 3rd number calls): Dial 9 + 0
  • Toll-Free: Dial 9 + 1 + 800 + 7-digit number.

MemoryCall Voice Messaging System

  • MemoryCall, the voice messaging system available through the new AT&T, can be added to any administrative phone line for a minimal charge. To learn more about this service, contact the Centrex Office at 2078.
  • Access the MemoryCall Service Deluxe Voice Messaging Users' Guide.

Message Notification - AT&T MemoryCall Deluxe

Here are the instructions for setting up phone notification from your AT&T voice mailbox:

Choose a telephone number in your local calling area.

1. At the main menu, press [9][9][2][3][3].
2. Follow the voice instructions to enter the phone number.

You can set up notification options for all or only urgent messages or for those from a specific sender. When you answer the notification call, you'll hear a recorded announcement.

If the line is busy or you don't answer, the service tries three more times at 20-minute intervals.

Turn message notification on or off

1. At the main menu, press [9][9][2].
2. Press [2] for pager or [3] for phone.
3. Press [1] to turn notification on or off.

April 2016 Memo on Voicemail System Upgrade

Set up for the updated mailboxes must be completed now in order to use voicemail on and after April 13, 2016.

Use the Temporary Access Number (866-740-0841) for updated mailbox set up only. After your updated mailbox is set up, you will continue to use your existing Access Number (828-264-9844) to reach your voicemail service.

Please note some features and key presses will work differently after the change. For instance, you will still Press 1 to Listen to your messages, but will now Press 9 to Save and 7 to Delete. The voice prompts will reflect the key presses. Transfer Mailbox, Pager Notification, FAX and Operator numbers have been set up by AT&T.

Visit for the new AT&T Voicemail Services User Guide. Click on Business Phone then Landline Services & Features. For more information about the update or issues with mailbox set up, please call 855-847-1530.