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Long Distance Reimbursement

Reimbursement  for Personal Long Distance Charges

            Employees who must use the State Long-Distance Network System, credit card, or cellular telephone may be reimbursed for a personal long-distance call(s) if such call(s) is of an emergency nature as determined by the department.

Secondary Employment

            No telephone calls related to secondary employment, except for schedule changes, are to be made during work hours.

Reimbursement for Official Telephone Calls

            Official phone calls are reimbursable under "Other Expenses."   Individual calls for $3.00 must be identified as to point of origin and destination.

Emergency Personal Long Distance or Cellular Calls

            Should emergency circumstances arise which necessitates a State employee to make a personal long-distance or cellular phone call not covered above, the employee should immediately notify his/her supervisor and make arrangements to reimburse the State.